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Ann King

I would have never thought my life would turn out the way it has! Here is a ‘very’ brief profile of me.

I started out in the private corporate sector working in administration, sales and supervisory roles. After a lengthy break to raise my family, I gained employment in the Educational Sector, (which is a story in itself), moving through a number of positions which included teacher, trainer, coordinator and learning support mentor. While working in these areas, I realised my strengths lay in adapting to the needs of the individual and offering strategies and techniques enabling them their most positive outcome. I left my job in teaching and stepped into the unknown to pursue my passion coaching full time.

It’s not by accident that I specialise in the areas of supporting teens, women facing challenging transitions, health and wellness. At different stages I have faced challenges in all these areas. Like you, my life is a book of diverse chapters. It’s had many twists and turns, highs and lows. I’ve experienced the exhilaration and exhaustion of being a mum; the highs and lows of corporate life; faced the complexities of business and the constant challenge of somehow keeping it all together. This has enabled me to relate to my clients in a wide variety of work and personal contexts.

Throughout all my transitions and healing journey, I came out knowing what I am truly meant to do and wake up every day to work that I love. I lifted any blocks that were holding me back therefore feeling these changes as exciting rather than being fearful.

I wish this clarity, knowing and a feeling of contented wellbeing for all the people I work with, and can relate deeply and apply a unique approach for each of my clients.

I will travel with you from the very beginning until you reach your desired results.

It is my joy and passion to guide and support each individual on their unique journey.

“Living my dream is helping other people find theirs”

My Approach

I’ve experienced the one-size-fits all approach. It’s not for me – and it’s not what I offer you. After all, you’re special. Uniquely you.

I draw on real-life experiences to inform my approach to both coaching and training. I’m frequently described as warm and empathetic (which I love) but I’m also practical and pragmatic. I work in the real world because you live in the real world. I’ll be your support, partner on your journey of discovery, your cheerleader and at times, I may even challenge your thinking. But as I have experienced, we will both enjoy this journey together. And even better, we’ll celebrate together when you arrive where you most want to be.

My Qualifications

It’s really important to know more about your coach. After all, ‘certified’ can mean many things. However, you can be confident that I’m a fully qualified, professional coach and trainer. Here’s a summary of my qualifications:

  • Diploma in Life Coaching L.C.I.A. (Life Coaching Institute of Australia) also known as (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)

Additional specialist certification:

  • Career Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Life Transitions Coaching
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Diploma in Vocational Education
  • Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Cert IV in Small Business Management

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