How We Can Work Together

There are many ways to get the most from coaching. You can:

Book A Getting To Know You Session

Not sure if we’ll click? Then this is ideal. It’s a one-off session, where you can learn more about coaching and ask plenty of questions. We’ll chat about you, share ideas and you’ll get a feel for whether we’ll make a good team.  However you are welcome to book a three or six month program straight away.

Session 1

I’ll give you an overview of the coaching process so you know what to expect and discuss how we can optimise us working together. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to ensure you’re happy to progress. Then onto the exciting part of self-discovery for you. We’ll start to define the primary vision and shape your goals.

Following Sessions

Strategies are set and actions are developed to move forward towards set goals and tasks.

Sometimes your goal is clear to you, however at times it may take a few sessions to formulate the goal.  It may go back and forth until it is clear, and you will realise when your goal is formulated as it becomes ‘real’. You won’t have to push for it, rather it will draw you in.

There is usually a minimum of 3 sessions, which is time to generally begin breaking down any existing habits and for you to remain focused and see goals being achieved.

Coaching packages include working together in-person, via Skype or telephone, resources based on your individual needs plus touch-base emails and phone calls between sessions.

Coaching Fees

  • Single Session (1 x 60 minutes): $160
  • Three month program (5 x 60 minutes): $760
  • Six month program (10 x 60 minutes): $1495

Absolute Journey exhibiting at Women On The Go – Small Business Expo, Melbourne, Victoria

“Choose to make the rest of your life the BEST of your life.”



2014 was a terrible year, I had a breakdown, lost my job and was so depressed. My employment agency advised me to do a course to get out of the house. I thought I was the only person in the course who had a lot of problems, I felt hopeless, and when I first met the other people I felt that they would certainly get a job and move forward as they seemed to have much more experience than me. However as the course progressed I learnt that we all in one way or another had problems, but were all good people. After a little while people swapped stories, we bonded, we celebrated Birthdays, BUT what made us shine was Ann. Every day we came to class we looked forward to seeing her as we knew she would make us feel brighter and more positive. Ann told of her life experience and what led her to being a Life Coach. (And what is a Life Coach?) I believe it’s someone who inspires you, picks you up and encourages you to believe in yourself. I think this encapsulates Ann. We were all given a gift at the end of the course, a fridge magnet, which said “Never, Never, Never give up”. Thank you Ann for being a wonderful Teacher and Coach. I now have the confidence to look for work and know that I am worthy of all that I dream of.

Rebecca  Sandringham Vic

I felt this workshop was a positive experience as a major reason for this was Ann’s ability to help us direct our negative (automatic) thoughts towards positive. I hadn’t realised this was a habit I had and now I am aware of it, I feel in the long term I now have the strategies to overcome a lot of my depressed feelings and move forward.

Glen  A Blackburn  Vic

Ann is advanced in her field and is able to make her audience feel stronger (hold their own power) by enabling them to relax and want to participate.

Ben C   Ringwood  Vic

I could feel that Ann had the experience and knowledge about what she was delivering. We all learnt from listening and participating in her Workshop.  A very positive experience.  We all asked if she could come back and give us another Workshop.

Jack  I   Lysterfield  Vic

I found the information in Ann’s workshop was extremely valuable as it made me consider my present situation and how the way I think could either move me forward or hold me back. The way Ann explained and delivered this was in a practical way engaging all of us so we actually ‘felt’ what happened to our emotions when we thought differently. This was a significant moment for me as I had never been aware of this. Now I feel I have the strategies to assist me in moving forward in my life and not being stuck where I was. I could have sat through many workshops with Ann. Came away feeling so positive.

Melissa   C    Mooroolbark  Vic


Ann listens to you in a very advanced and effective degree enabling her to have an appropriate response to any comments which led me to many light bulb moments!

Jenny  W   Glen Waverley  Vic

Ann subtly brings out inner responses that are not seen initially therefore awakening ideas and thoughts inside me that I didn’t know existed. Ann is extremely intuitive and I left the session feeling more positive than I had in a long time and open to possibilities that I had previously shut down. I look forward to future sessions and would recommend Ann to anyone.

Sharyn  P    Albert Park  Vic

I can’t recommend the coaching sessions with Ann highly enough. I at first didn’t know what to expect so only booked one session. However after this session I felt excited about my future so booked a package. Ann looks at your life in a holistic way and together with you creates’ clear, practical, realistic steps to follow through to where you most want to be.

Sam  V    Croydon   Vic

Just what I needed! My future is clear now and whatever comes I‘m okay with! Thanks Ann

Sandra  L  Bayswater Vic