Teen Coaching

Being a teenager should be a fun and exciting time of self-discovery. However, for many, this major transitional phase can be challenging and painful for your teenager-and a constant cause of concern for you.

We all want the brightest future for our children but sadly, many teens get trapped in a cycle of limiting self-beliefs and dysfunctional relationships. The affects can be far-reaching: for your teen, you and your family.

So how best to support them to stay on track and achieve success in their own right?

Support them in the right way, at the right time

Some of the most challenging pressures relate to:

  • VCE and exam stress
  • Transition to further study or career
  • Body image
  • Self-worth
  • Bullying and/or low resilience

As a qualified coach and trainer, I have extensive experience in working with young people of varied ages. Surprisingly, in many circumstances there aren’t any ‘significant’ signs of stress.

Teens can often ‘fall under the radar’ until stress and anxiety takes its toll.

Teen Coaching Melbourne - Absolute Journey

I have over 17 years’ experience in the Vocational Education Sector and learnt that it was not only important for my students to have a formal education to move forward in their study or career but it was also equally, if not more important to have life skills, strategies and tools to manage their wellbeing and the challenges they were addressing at the present time and into their future.

Although not every young person I had in my classes was unfortunate enough to experience emotional, social or life problems, however all my students could benefit from a helping hand to become more confident and resilient, and to develop aspirations to be inspired by life’s potential.

This led me into the Coaching arena, and eventually full time coaching, as I felt there was not enough time in school hours to fully address the concerns of my students in their wellbeing, and they would be stuck in a circle of stress and finding it difficult to study or concentrate.

As is true of both adults and children, people are more likely to be motivated to reach their goals if they are not imposed by someone else – as caring adults we must trust that children know their own minds and are aware of what needs to change for the better in their lives, with our guidance. This may be an ongoing process, however – as the coaching relationship develops, our young people may feel more comfortable and equipped to explore deeper goals, moving past surface issues to intrinsic change.


Teen Turnaround Programs*

The three most popular coaching programs offered are:

Wellness Program

This preventative program addresses your teen’s issues and challenges by addressing the ‘whole person’ rather than individual issues in isolation. It’s packed with strategies and tools to help deal with, and overcome, stress and crisis situations that may occur in the course of everyday life. The results can be transformational, unlocking their potential to bring about a lifetime of satisfaction and rewards.

Cost of this program is done on an individual basis

Teen Transition Program

  • Primary to Secondary School
  • VCE to Further Education or Employment.

Transitions can be a turbulent time for some and may also be viewed as being negative or the end of something. The temporary destination that a young person reaches is much less important than their ability to manage and enjoy the journey itself.

Life is a continuous change, and for the most part it does not get better or worse, it just gets ‘different’, as it forms chapter after chapter. If our young people acquire the skills and learn to view their life in this way early on, they can feel the difference of being challenged by it rather than overwhelmed and out of control.

Cost of this program is done on an individual basis



12 in 12 Program

Year 12 for 12 months: 12 monthly coaching sessions to support VCE students in managing stress and anxiety, while equipping them with the skills, knowledge and self-belief to get them through this challenging time, confidently and successfully. This holistic coaching experience encompasses balance, time management, health, relationships and goals as they progress towards their next step.

Cost of this program is $1960 (which includes 2 catch up sessions with parents)

Or can be discussed on an individual basis.

*Programs can be tailored to suit individual needs

If you have questions and need to chat, give me a call.

I’m always happy to talk to parents about specific needs or challenges. If you would like more information or clarification, feel free to call me on the number below, it may put your mind at ease and a plan in place