2014 was a terrible year, I had a breakdown, lost my job and was so depressed. My employment agency advised me to do a course to get out of the house. I thought I was the only person in the course who had a lot of problems, I felt hopeless, and when I first met the other people I felt that they would certainly get a job and move forward as they seemed to have much more experience than me. However as the course progressed I learnt that we all in one way or another had problems, but were all good people. After a little while people swapped stories, we bonded, we celebrated Birthdays, BUT what made us shine was Ann. Every day we came to class we looked forward to seeing her as we knew she would make us feel brighter and more positive. Ann told of her life experience and what led her to being a Life Coach. (And what is a Life Coach?) I believe it’s someone who inspires you, picks you up and encourages you to believe in yourself. I think this encapsulates Ann. We were all given a gift at the end of the course, a fridge magnet, which said “Never, Never, Never give up”. Thank you Ann for being a wonderful Teacher and Coach. I now have the confidence to look for work and know that I am worthy of all that I dream of.